Welcome to the ZELENI SERVIS website. We are authorized for expert environmental affairs such as the Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Study, Environmental Assessment of Acceptance of Environmental Interaction, and the Environmental Impact Assessment with the requirement to assess the need for environmental impact assessment.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has included us as a basis for environmental impact assessors so we can provide services and projects financed from international sources, on the one hand for the investor, and on the other hand for the EBRD or the holder of funding.

A strategic environmental assessment shall be carried out, among other things, for the strategies, plans and programs, including amendments thereto. The implementation is financed by the European Union.

Ongoing negotiation and drafting of strategies, plans and programs is conducted with the unit of local self-government on one side and specialized companies on the other.

It is essential to link the process of planning and strategic environmental impact assessment. The meaning of the Strategic assessment is in finding the best alternative solutions and environmental conditions that will ensure sustainable development. Therefore, the elements of strategic studies need to be implemented in the strategy / plan / program development. In order to reach all of the above it is important that these strategic documents are developed simultaneously.

For a body that passes the Strategy, plan and program it is important that the trustee has the authority for the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) as well as the authorization for the ecological network because if the ecological network is located in the area of of local government units, and the planned interventions are in the area, then the chapter and study eligibility assessment strategies, plans and programs for the ecological network should be developed simultaneously.

ZELENI SERVIS is authorized to make a strategic study of environmental impact assessment and the main impact assessment for the ecological network.

Granting consent for performing professional work in envirnmental protection

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